What movie-goers are saying about "Misogyny":
"A terrific movie! Well-written, perfectly cast, intense acting, flawless editing. All in all, brilliant!"
"Interesting, different and slightly disturbing!"
"I was reminded of 'Monster'!"

"As the ugly subconscious of Friend becomes a train wreck we can't pull away from,
most viewers will likely feel uncomfortable, even dirty. But this is the triumph of the film..."

What readers said about the script for "Misogyny":

"...a mind-blowing thriller that immerses the audience..."
"Creepy, creepy, creepy psycho-thriller on speed!"
"...an empathy-provoking look into the mind of a killer..."
"Misogyny made me do it!"

"I was swept into the world of a man who found his fate sculpted by the women life put in his path. Interesting and disturbing at times, I felt an odd understanding of the effect these relationships had on him. As a violent streak progresses, I was entranced by the storyteller's unique essence of coolness, confidence, intelligence, and insight. The tremendous twists and turns that ensue will leave you breathless. The story entertains, mystifies, and frightens, while leaving space to ponder."

"This, my friends, is not your average creepy-man movie. Misogyny takes you on an adventure that is both visual and psychological. Just when you think you have things figured out, an S-turn in the road is revealed, completely altering what you had originally thought. The characters go on their own journeys to very dark places, but still come out human."

"Misogyny" can now be seen in limited release! Look for it at a festival near you!

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